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Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions  

The main factor that maintains our relationship fruitfully is terms and conditions. These terms and conditions allow you to access and use City Biz Pages websites for your business. When you visit our website, you can agree to our terms and conditions, which we have elaborated, binding a legal contract with City Biz Pages. However, if you agree with these terms and conditions or you don’t agree with them, you do not access our sites.    


Our site represents you by the words “You” and “Yours”; it means you are accessing and crawling through our sites. Similarly, the words “We,” Us,” and “Our” represent City Biz Pages.

After the approval of your side, we publish everything like text, photos, videos, audio, location data, and anything related to your business. We ensure that you approve every marketing material before it is published publicly on our site and nominated as “Your Content” related to this material. You are responsible for its authenticity and liability. It includes all the public information such as reviews, ratings, invitations, check-ins, messages, compliments, and other facts representing your business.

Making Use of Our Website

Permission to Use the Website

When you agree with our terms and conditions, then you will be allowed to access our site. By using our site to post any material related to your services, all the risk is yours in this regard, which includes the risk of being exposed to offensive, irrelevant, or questionable content.

Site Visitation

Our site may be modified, updated, or interrupted without any notice.

User’s Profile

If you are one of our competitors, we will not access you, or your account may have been blocked.


To get access to our site, you need to create an account first, providing all your credentials related to you for using additional valuable features. Any activity using your account is your concern, and keeping your account’s password confidential is your charge. You are instructed to notify us immediately if you find any suspicious behavior through your account on our site. We have the right to close your account at any time.

Your account is only for your personal and non-commercial use. While signing up on our site, we may ask you to provide accurate information about yourself to strengthen your credibility. You may not be portrayed as someone else, like using your friend’s or anyone’s identity or email address. Further, you may need to be allowed to create multiple accounts.


We do not interfere or take any responsibility for dealing or communication between you and your customers.

Modification of the Service Terms

We keep modifying or updating our terms and conditions from time to time. Therefore, you need to understand and agree to our change in terms and conditions and how it may affect the use of the site. We may notify you via email when we change the terms and conditions. Your continuous use of our site shows that you have agreed to our modification or alteration in terms and conditions and how it may affect the site’s services.



You approve every marketing material or content published on our site; it cannot be withdrawn after publishing. The content must be a written representation of you and your business services. Therefore, you must ensure that everything you submit is reliable, authentic, and accurate. It represents that you own everything published or live on our site. Also, we may provide you with some suggestions for your content, images, videos, and everything.

Note that you may be liable if your content has false or objectionable information.

Overall Limitation

We have a right to use your content publically on different platforms. Also, notify that you have granted access to this site’s users. Please note that “Use” means to copy and publically use your content, commercialize it, and more.


You own everything related to your content between you and City Biz Pages. We own the features but are not limited to visual interface, graphics, design, reviews, and ratings. We do not permit you to access indirect rights, and we reserve all rights in and to the site.

Overarching Limitations

We don’t enforce our terms on your behalf against other users. We encourage you to inform us when you observe any suspicious behavior.

You concurred

Not to send emails in bulk.

You will not attempt to manipulate the search results or engage in keyword spamming.

Not to violate the content guidelines, like publishing fake information about your services.

Respect the third party’s rights, such as breaching the confidence, copyrights, moral rights, trademark, and the rights of publicly displaying the content or information.

Not to violate any applicable laws and the defined terms and conditions.

Not to use any robot, spider, site search, or other automated devices, process, or means to access, scrape, or index any portion of the site or the content.

Not to format or frame any portion of the site according to your business.

To avoid attempting to access the site’s restricted areas and the account of any of the users.

Not to remove, disable, damage, or interfere with any security-related features of the site.

Terms of Ending the Agreement

You have a right to extract the signed contract at any time. However, before discounting the use of our services or site, a written notice of 30 days is necessary.

We may close or suspend your account immediately when we get a notice for canceling the contract. We also reserve the right to limit your access or ban the use altogether from our site without notifying you of the reason. Remember that any such action could stop you from accessing your whole or partial content and everything correlated.

Our Terms of Contract

Due to the terms and conditions, we will not tie you with our legal terms and conditions. However, you still have the option to use our services based on month-to-month. When you sign our recurring contract, you can cancel our subscription anytime with prior written notice for 30 days.

Intellectual Property

Remember that when you signed our contract, you agreed to the terms and conditions that we reserve the right to everything we did to market your business, including landing pages. When you cancel the contract with us, we may retain the rights to remove the pages created for you or inactivate them.

The Policy of Payment and Refunds

You can submit your payment every month or a fixed-price contract. The payment date is the billing date or signup date for the project.

Once the monthly report of the keyword is issued, we may charge for further services per month.

All payments made are non-refundable.

All the terms and conditions herein by us are for your convenience only.