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Business Intro

Welcome to The Handyman Companies, a veteran-owned company in Madison, Mississippi. We provide high-quality house repair and upkeep operations for a fifty-mile radius around Madison, Mississippi. We’re your guys if you’re looking for trustworthy handyman services that offer outstanding work at reasonable costs.

Why choose us?

  • We’ll be considerate of your house and time.
  • Simple to arrange.
  • Our artisans are dependable, skilled experts with years of practice.

Everyone in the handyman service that works for I Has A Guy possesses information, expertise, and knowledge. We are dedicated to only employing talented artisans with a broad range of expertise. You can relax knowing that an individual who is dependable, polite, and a good fit for the task at hand is handling your house and job.

Benefits of working with Experts.

Finding more complicated energy, knowledge, or tools necessary for house repairs and improvements on your own accord is complex. That’s why expert handyman services come into play. Hiring a handyman can be a cost-effective and practical choice whenever you seek help with minor fixes or more involved projects. In this article, we’ll review the benefits of hiring handyman services and how they can keep your house in excellent condition.

Benefits of Hiring Handyman Service for Your Business.

  • Saved time
  • Conclusion
  • No confusion
  • Minimal To No Effort
  • Cost effective
  • Knowledge of other problems

Our services

Plumbing Service

 The handyman guy plumbing can help whether you want fresh plumbing installed or are in the middle of remodeling. Our skilled plumbers are adept at installing and replacing plumbing, which reduces the stress associated with property renovation tasks.

Basement Pump

A sump pump installation is necessary to prevent moisture from ruining the cellar. Installing and maintaining a drainage system as part of our garbage disposal repair ensures your house stays hydrated and secure.

Maintenance and Restoration of Water Heaters

A working heating system is essential for day-to-day living. Because of their expertise in water tank repair and maintenance, our plumbers can guarantee that you’ll always have heated water whenever needed.

Preservation of Pipe Systems

The best way to avoid Handyman services for Plumbing repair is to get regular service. Comprehensive plumbing system maintenance is part of our residential plumbing solutions, which can help you avert future expensive crises.

Repairing Trenchless Sanitary Lines

Trenchless sanitary sewer restoration fixes sewage pipe problems without causing the slightest disturbance to the surroundings. Offering the best possibilities for your house, The Handyman Guy Plumbing is central to these developments.

Installing and Replacing Actually Pumps

Installing and replacing the pumps for wells is essential for homes with residential property networks. Our skilled plumbers may replace or construct replacement borehole engines, ensuring an ongoing water source.

Maintenance for Infrastructure

Because difficulties with plumbing can cause disruptions to your everyday routine, plumbing repairs are included in our residential plumbing services. Our knowledgeable staff locates and resolves plumbing issues, preserving the tranquility and functionality of your house.

Drywall Repair Service

Expert drywall repair and upkeep are essential to maintaining the integrity of the framework and the pleasing appearance of your house. Our team of drywall finishing can fix any damage, including holes that need to be covered or chips in the wall that occurred during equipment relocation. We show up on schedule, are consistent, and are prepared to complete the task.

All drywall damage can be fixed using Handyman’s Guy drywall repair services:

  • Settling-related fissures or troubles with structure
  • Moisture-related disease
  • Normal deterioration
  • Creatures and children’s wellbeing

We offer drywall repair services to locate the cause of the impairment (the roof breaking down, insufficient airflow, etc.) and take preventative measures to ensure it doesn’t happen again. If the drywall is beyond repair, we’ll restore the property’s appearance by removing the defective Drywall patch and installing new drywall.

Not Drywall Repair

Experts will fix any drywall repair caused by insufficient ventilation and assess whether your home’s circulation needs to be increased to reduce the amount of accumulated dampness. The Handyman guy can switch out exhaust systems, fix plaster, and even recommend one of your colleagues to spray the space a new color!

More work than painting and patching drywall is needed in contemporary buildings. Among our other drywall procedures are the following:

  • Restoration and refinishing of foliage boards
  • Finishes and repairs for gypsum boards
  • Slurry slab refinishing and mending
  • Beadboard painting and mending
  • Concrete polishing and restorations

You can always count on Handyman service for spotless wall adjustments, replacements, and finishes, regardless of the kind of brickwork in your house.

Door and Window Repair

Our residential renovation specialists know how to close doorways, swinging or sliding, and easily unlock and secure them. It is also well known that external doors are very significant. Anything is sadder than cold air departing in the year’s heat or breezes in the winter. Our goal is to ensure that every one of your emergency handymen for door repair functions appears as intended.

Deployment and Maintenance of Panel Closers

Are you sick and weary of individuals entering your house uninvited? An automated door closing is necessary! These easy-to-install mechanisms can be mounted on almost any entrance in the home by attaching them to the current doorframe. Without comfort and with the least possible disruption to your everyday schedule, Handyman companies for sliding door repair will handle your task from beginning to end.

Refinishing Doors

Leaving painting or applying varnish doors to experience due to their intricate terrain is advisable, which calls for specialized methods and tools. The weekend combatants will also find the work to be tedious. It’s lovely to have a trained professional who can remove and rehang the doors after the painting is dry, especially if you want to have the door polished outdoors or within a cellar to cut smells.

Adoption and maintenance of Windows

Replacing your old windows with new ones is a great way to give your house a modern facelift without sacrificing energy usage. Modern designs of fuel-efficient insulated windows are your key to reduced energy usage, regardless of whether you want to keep refreshing air inside or out.

Interior and exterior painting

Any exterior, interior space or furniture may be given new life with more paint. Our skilled staff of remodeling specialists can assist you with any painting work, whether it’s indoor or outdoor. What defines a quality paint job is known to us. We aim to meet your expectations and give you a degree of competence and concern for small things you appreciate.

The Finest Painting Service for the Exterior and Interior

The Cost of handyman interior painting decorating both inside and outside is easy if you’re familiar with what you’re doing! Professionals in their field, your neighborhood Handyman service paint contractors have at least ten decades of expertise. On each occasion, our exterior painting crew creates a stunning white project on the inside and exterior. Depend on your Handyman services of experts for results that have been shown and are supported by the Delivered.

Spraying the trim and crown molding to match

A stunning aesthetic may be achieved in your house with expert-quality crown molding, whether you’re renovating or want a different frame and casing for an updated look. Crown railing gives a luxurious touch to any space, but installing it on the walls presents specific difficulties. Your neighborhood Handyman service painters and talented woodworkers can handle classical trim or something more contemporary.

Decorating a barrier

For a stunning and long-lasting finish, repainting your house’s Handyman interior painting services surfaces calls for the appropriate supplies, color, and expertise. It’s an excellent plan to invest in creating art for the most significant effects, provided you appreciate coloring as much as we do. Your best Handyman service decorators will select the colors you want to paint after you select the shades of paint you want, and your affordable Handyman service decorators will work to complete the task.

Sanding and distressing items

Contact Handyman companies if you want to bring opposition to your cooking space with a painted island or if you need help preserving your family’s antique kitchen dining room set. Regardless of the required coats, our skilled support staff is prepared to assist you with your job.

Furniture Assembly

Sometimes, everything is as simple as it seems. It can be challenging and lengthy to assemble household items, whether a serving surface you purchased on the web or a new furniture set. Give your furniture assembly to our skilled handyman service, and you have the peace of mind that the purchased chair won’t fall apart during meals.

Assembling Companies

Employing a furniture assembly agency is the best way to get your stuff installed and worry-free, regardless of whether you need more time or desire the inconvenience. You can depend on the knowledge and expertise our experts bring to the task, whether it comes to anything from bookshelves to motorcycles to railings. Are the guidelines outside of a language like English? Is there a piece of assembly material left? Remain calm. Cheap Handyman is ready to tackle any task that has to be done for your assembly job.

Lighting Fixtures

You may change any space in your house by introducing Handyman light fixture repair or investing in light equipment replacement. Please leave it to our crew of building and services experts to handle it for you rather than trying to do it yourself. The worth of your home and its beauty will be enhanced in every room by our skilled light fixture installation services. Besides enjoying the inviting ambiance of new fixtures, hiring your neighborhood Handyman service for lighting installation can give you peace of mind that a professional has cleaned the wiring in your home.

Installing Light Fixtures in Your House to Meet All Your Demands

Your home can be enhanced and improved with an extensive choice of Handyman light switch and outlet installation alternatives. For instance, hanging lights, sconces, fluorescence sheets, buried illumination groups, ceiling fittings, and string lights are some alternatives for overhead lighting. In one convenient package, fans for ceilings with spotlights can offer increased savings on electricity and a cozier atmosphere. While aesthetics are essential regarding ceiling lighting, a residential lighting specialist can guarantee that your new chandelier functions and emits the ideal quantity of sunshine. Panel illumination, tracker electricity, and flush-mounted lamps are other lighting choices that you should consider. Vertical chandeliers work well as feature pieces, general, and task illumination. Track illumination is perfect for museum buildings, lit passageways, and home office spaces. Additionally, areas with slim ceilings, like arcades and bedrooms, are suited for flush-mounted light fixtures. Every type of illumination fixture has different installation and connection requirements; thus, select. Handyman outdoor lighting installation specialists can tackle almost any illumination installation or maintenance with their skills and knowledge.

Q When do I need a Handyman Service?

Choosing a reputable area handyman requires looking beyond referrals from relatives, acquaintances, and suppliers. You should also consider the standards and expertise of every applicant you interview. After all, you want this individual to work on your property, so references, due diligence, and intuition are all beneficial.

Q What are Your Prices?

If a handyman worked long hours and earned a median salary of $65 per hour, he may reach $600 to $700; however, if he completed a $1,000 project in a single day, his hourly rate would increase.

Q What types of services do handymen offer?

• Installing Walls
• Replacing Fixtures
• Construction of Intelligent
• Home Upgrades
• Painting of the Interior and Exterior Windows Repair

Q What is the Cost of handyman interior painting?

Handyman painting prices are around $100 per room.

Q Is The Handyman Guy available 24/7?

yes, handyman Guy is available 24/7

Q How can I contact The Handyman Guy?

call us at (601) 874-2942

Q What areas does The Handyman Guy serve?

Madison, Mississippi

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