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Business Intro

Tech4U is the leading company that provides exceptional services. Our services are comprehensive, always up-to-date, and meet customer satisfaction and requirements. We are highly committed to providing excellent services at the exact time. Our expert team will effectively and efficiently do all the services and never give you complaints. We provide complete coverage of the audio and video installation.

Business Services

Our company is excellent for soundproof music and outdoor theater installation. Our business services cover a wide range of areas, such as video DJ services, DJ night clubs, and, last but not least, home automation services.  Our specialists are great for covering all audio and video at homes and commercial places. We are here to provide extraordinary services at this specific address: 1275 4th Street, 5067 Santa Rosa, CA 95404. We will provide door-to-door services near Santa Rosa in the surrounding areas.

Home Automation Services

Home automation integrates various electronic devices that control all home appliances. Tech4U will give you these services to manage the heating, cooling, and HVAC systems.  Our rare services include excellent installation with your smartphone connection and control of all electronic home devices. Your internet, AC, and other electronics can be easily handled at your homes and workplaces.

Motorized Blind Installation

We are always ready to provide the first class of motorized blind installation at your homes and workplaces. We have skilled experts who install all control devices remotely through smartphone apps.

Audio Player Setup

Undoubtedly, Tech4U is the best for providing the audio setup at home and in commercial settings. Our top-notch professionals will come to your place, set up the audio players, and connect with the speakers and headphones. Enjoy the music with our magnificent audio player services with your friends and families.

Av Control System Installation

We provide the fastest and most reliable services for audio and video systems in classrooms, homes, and workplaces. Our professional installers will install it effectively and correctly with the software and hardware programs. We make all the processes seamless and do not prolong customer service.

Ceiling Speaker Installation

Our company provides top-notch services for ceiling speaker installation, where all home audio systems cover all spaces. We have expert pro fitters who make your life vibrant using the ceiling speaker.

DJs Disco/Funk Music

We will give an outstanding performance in funk music. Our trained person will use the sound equipment to enhance lighting and dancing. Your birthdays, parties, and corporate functions boost it and gather everyone.

DJs Events

Getting the soundproof and great setup of the music is possible with tech4u. We are providing high-quality audio-video setups at your private and public parties. DJ events make your day full of memorable and great experiences with your friends and loved ones. Hiring a professional DJ makes your event fantastic and mind-blowing.

Game Console Setup

The game console setup is the TV or monitor, which is perfect for playing the games. Our ideal team connects your monitor and LED TV to games. Enjoy the games on this setup with your friends and families.

Home Automation System Repair

One of the reasonable companies that provides cost-effective satisfaction results in our company. Our expert will understand and figure out the home automation system. Technicians have great expertise in repairing issues with the sensor controller and risk-reducing security. Our team will find the root and immediately sort it out.

Home Phone System Installation

Proper installation in residents’ and commercial spaces can be handed over to Tech4U. Our technician will smooth out the process of your home phone system installation. You can receive voice calls and call forwarding; adding features must be functional and accessible.

Home Theatre Installation

We provide the exceptional, optimal view best for cinematic theater. We are providing the fastest installation at the exact time with perfect installation. Enjoying the threat at home is possible with our company. Grab this opportunity and enjoy the large-screen movie scenes at home.

DJs Indian/Bollywood Music

Our expert team has excellent taste in Bollywood music selection. We have a top-class strategy to make your parties with DJs Indian. We take your celebration to the next level by playing the music of traditional and modern Bolly beats.

DJs K-pop Music

Mostly, the young Gen Z generation likes DJ K-pop music at parties. We have an excellent team to provide high-quality DJs and pop music that makes your party more delightful.

Lighting Control System Installation

Our company is the perfect choice for light control system installation. We can do this better and control all lights turned on and off through smartphone apps. Now you are free to switch the lights, which is the best way to control the dimming lights.

Media Room Design

Our crew has the best choice for planning and creating the media room design. We have incredible services with good speakers, watching movies, and comfy seats at your place. Hiring a technician is crucial to setting up the media room design.

DJs Oldies Music

Our company has the best records of the vintage era that are developing nostalgic vibes. It brings back old-school memories that connect your mind and soul. We have incredible classical oldies music that creates a positive, dreamy atmosphere.

DJs Parties

DJs for parties are the best planners to create a next-level music and dancing atmosphere. We have a great selection of live music that pleases all the crowds because we have fast, modern equipment that produces excellent music for everyone.

Projector Mounting

We have budget-friendly project mounts that are installed on your projectors. It gives excellent, optimal views of your classrooms and offices. Our technician will install the projector mount and provide sharp, clear HD video.

DJs Prom and School Dances

To make this day special, we must hire tech4u DJs who provide high-quality music. DJS prom and school dances create your mood fresh under the light with extraordinary music that beats your heart.

DJs Rock Music

We have special soundproof equipment that creates a fun environment. People will come to these parties, enjoy the great music, and start dancing to it. Rock music is the youth’s best taste, making them fantastic.

Satellite/Cable TV Receiver Installation

Our exceptional team will connect the cable TV receiver installation, which is the perfect way to watch the TV stations. Proper installation in the future will allow you to avoid problematic scenes. That is why I prefer the finest company for top-notch services.

Smart thermostat installation

We are here to save your expenditures, not your absence. It can control room temperatures with the help of the smart thermostat installation on your smartphone. Now, you can control the cooling and heating effects of your smartphone’s connectivity.

Streaming Media Player Setup

Watching striking movies can be possible with our services. That gives the platforms of Netflix and Amazon Prime the proper player setup. Our installers have an excellent command of installing the streaming video properly at your home without creating any issues.

DJ’s Top Hits

We have a classical and hit music playlist with proper installation. We make your party more lively and enthusiastic with our DJ’s top hits. We have great taste and the best selection of music, which makes your party more vibrant and relaxed.

Video Calibration

Hiring a technician for the video calibration can achieve a great image and view. We can install and fix high-quality videos’ color, brightness, and contrast settings.

Video Doorbell Installation

The video doorbell is the safest and most convenient installation in your absence. You can talk to the person on your smartphone, and you will receive a notification of the doorbell using our company.

DJs Weddings

DJs for wedding specialists have great flavor and provide great music for couples. To develop a romantic and vibrant atmosphere. Our DJs make your wedding more memorable with a great collection of different kinds of music and lights.

Wire and Cable Concealment

They must provide wire and cable concealment services to save the place for kids. Under the wires, a cover-up with hide does not damage you or your family. Hire a professional expert who will conceal all the cables, making your area spacious and neat.

Security System Installation

Installing the security system will make your place safe and sound. Modern innovations such as cameras, monitor screens, and alarms are alert for any damage or risk. A security system installation at home is recommended to secure yourself from heavy loss.

 Lighting Installation

Light networking is crucial in enhancing the house’s features through lighting. Installation and setting of the lights can be catchy and attractive. Hire a pro who can install the lights in homes and workplaces. The LED bulb will boost the house’s appearance when installed.

Network And Server Services

Network services are the backbone of computer systems. It has to manage and store the unlimited data and switches to connect. Network services from our business will provide the fastest and most reliable strong network in your homes and commercial areas.

AV Calibration

Calibration is the instrument that enables seamless audio and video systems with significant adjustments. It helps to set the brightness, colors, and saturation on the monitor and projector. 

AV Receiver/Amplifier Installation

One of the best is the amplifier installation used in the home theater to drive loudspeakers. The installation process is an excellent route to the video display and the projector.

DJs Country Music

Share the music with your friends and enjoy your moments. Country music was the most famous song in the early 20s in the US, and people loved the trends of pop-up cultural music. Hire a DJ from our association to make your party fabulous and energetic.

DJs EDM/House Music

Hire the DJ at home and get a great collection of party music that beats your heart. The classical rock music at your party will motivate you to dance with your friends and colleagues. We have an organized team that manages the house music with great passion.

Event/Party Lighting Services

Our service provider is the smooth deal to make your party lively. To set and install the music for lighting services and make your event more vibrant and high-class.

Garage Control Integration

Installing garage control integration is the most beneficial service of the garage; it includes doors, lights, security cameras, and temperature control. This is one of the most reliable ways to hire a technician and get better and faster results.

Home Network Integration

All systems, such as cooling, heating, lighting, and security cameras, can manage it. Home network integration makes your environment more comfortable and sustainable. Our crew provides distinguished home networking services that give you a relaxed feeling.

Home Theater Design

Our service takes your simple room-to-home theater design. We designed your room with a large-screen projector and high-quality speakers. You can dream of watching movies on the big screen at home.

In-Wall Speaker Installation

In the process of installation, speakers are put on the inside walls to enhance the beauty of the walls and make their aesthetic appearance. The professional installation will be very careful with the strategy of soundproof music.

Karaoke Rental

To make your party more pop-up, you must use karaoke. They have electronic music machines for birthdays, parties, and weddings. It has the remarkable ability to enjoy a musically rich taste with entertaining activities.

DJs Latin Music

Latin music is rich in cultural taste and dramatically influences the US and other states. The DJ will play great Latin music that will make you want to hook up. installation process

MC Services

Have the MC provide great hosting for announcements. The MC services will boost your show or event with a bouquet toss. To keep the show and event the topnotch and prime way that is achievable by MC Services.

DJs Night Clubs

Play the hit music and dance on the floor on the stage of the DJ nightclubs. Nightclubs are an outstanding approach to dancing and chilling.

Outdoor Theater Installation

The outdoor theater on the patios and offices is on the projector. The exceptional presentation and movie display will elevate the beauty of the outdoor installation.

 DJs Pop Music

It’s too old, and classical lyrics and rhythm are mixed up through the DJ. Pop music has overcome the barriers of the young and old generations and created a lively and peaceful atmosphere.

Projector Screen Installation

The projector screen is the prime way of displaying the presentation in offices and homes. It will be easy to install the project screen to watch crystal-clear HD movies with an optimal view.

DJs Rap and Hip Hop Music

Music is an excellent showcase of emotions and connectivity with other people. Rap and hip-hop music address social and political issues and express feelings. It is famous everywhere because of the large fan following.

DJs Rock n’ Roll Music

This music shows the youth’s emotions, rebellions, and experiences. DJs will play the music that makes the catchy tunes with guitars and drums. To keep this artistic style, create more curiosity and provoke people to boogie.

 DJs Silent Discos

At home and at parties, you can enjoy your music without disturbing others. Use the headphones instead of the headphones. Switch your favorite playlist and enjoy the hip-hop dance with social circles.


The installation of the soundproofing will never disturb your sleep or rest time. It absorbs heavy traffic noise and other external noises. The installation process requires an expert who understands the level of the music.

Surround Sound System Installation

It makes the multiple audio setups in the theater and gaming more exciting. To get the balance, a clear spot must be installed by taking the advice of a professional installer.

Universal Remote Control Setup

This controls all the CD and DVD sound systems with only one remote. Using the universal remote control at home is more straightforward and saves you time.

Video DJ services

DJs have recorded videos, mainly used in live shows and parties. You can enjoy the event with your friends and loved ones, where DJs show the audio and videos.

Virtual Consultations

One of the foremost ways to save on fuel costs is to meet someone online. Online videos have an excellent purpose for job interviews and therapy sessions. It is the prime strategy to connect those people who cannot meet for solid reasons.

Whole-Home Audio/Video Installation

The process of this whole home audio/video installation makes your life convenient with the use of the remote app. Whatever your room, you can play the hit list of music from one room to another.

Wiring and Cabling Services

The services of the cables are efficient with the electrical wires. Our crew will have top-class expertise in handling the wiring and cabling. It would be done right by taking the services from the pro technician.

Why Choose Us

Are you looking for DJ services that must have a high-quality soundtrack? We have great feedback from customers who enjoy our exceptional services at tech4u. We are ready to make your event flexible and valid with modern equipment. We have a great backup of lighting and music set up in case of an emergency. You can choose us because we give you great, rich-influence music according to your preferences in a budget-friendly way.

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