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Our introduction  

For many years, house painting services remained the top painting business in Pickens. From an individual painter painting properties with clients, the company has expanded to include over 30 vehicles always available to work and 100 skilled artists. Our offerings range from cleaning the outside and exterior to replacing lumber, repairing drywall and concrete, and more. Customers can rely on us to deliver outstanding craftsmanship that will endure no matter what job we take on. Pickens Painting received a prize because of our exceptional service and special exterior painting services.

Should I select a painting by Mark Pickens?

Being a top painting company in Pickens, Pickens Painting is glad to be your number-one choice for commercial or residential repainting and many other services. With over forty years of expertise in the field, we have proven ourselves a reliable source of high-quality services. Thus, you should look no further than our renowned team if you’ve considered an exterior or interior remodel for your Pickens home. We’re sure you’ll hear from others in your town that Pickens Painting Service is the company that individuals choose to restore the original beauty of their residences and businesses. Contact us for an evaluation, and our team will have your home or business smelling its best in less than an hour!

Our service

Interior painting

Options for Remodeling Interior Homes

A fresh application of paint can make a big difference in the internal layout of your house, whether you’re painting your living space or every room in the house! Never mind being inconvenienced for months or even years while you attempt to do it yourself or wait for someone else to do it; our service will be exceptional.

It’s so simple now to spray paint your house!

You can trust interior painting services to provide reliable painting help. Specialists like our staff know how upsetting and difficult remodelling can be. But painting a house doesn’t have to change how you live entirely.

Whatever Takes Place Following You Schedule Your Drawing Appointment

The enjoyable part! Selecting the wall shade or hues allows you to envision a brand-new appearance.

  • Before the big event, we will address any inquiries you may have about the painting service or ours.
  • We would appreciate it if you cleared the area of all things of value, breakables, photographs, and furniture before the big event.
  • We recommend discovering a location for your furry buddies to unwind for an entire day if you have any.

Something Takes Place with Your Painting Day

Our team of expert decorators will complete an inventory to prepare your house for painting service as they reach for their paint brushes. They will do this by:

  • Putting up flooring materials
  • Shifting and protecting your belongings
  • Repairing any gaps or fractures in the brickwork

It is where the procedure operates.

Contact us online for your unrestricted, no-obligation interview. We will inspect your house and provide a customized, comprehensive plan with a cost and timeline.

Mark the Duration: We’ll arrange for a painting day if you like what you’re about to see.

The Variance: Our amiable workers will complete Your high-quality paint work on schedule and within the limits of your funds.

Outstanding Outcomes: To ensure you’re satisfied, we’ll conduct an orientation while we leave and a follow-up check-in.

Exterior painting

Solutions for Repainting Exterior Houses

Always undervalue the transformation a new coat of colour may bring to your house’s exterior! Looking up at your property after returning home and feeling that lovely sense of being at peace. Have an outdoor meal with your loved ones and experience a surge of satisfaction at your renovated home.

Procedure for Exterior Household Painters

Our top goal is to ensure that we do not interfere with what you’re doing. Our staff will schedule a call to review all the details before the exterior home painting project once you have booked your external painting service.

What occurs once you schedule an artistic service is as follows:

  • Verify the coating’s tone and other characteristics.
  • Please move the planted plants and balcony accessories.
  • Respond to any inquiries you may have about your decorating job.

What we’re going to do before using watercolours

  • Covering rooftops, forests, and shrubs.
  • Cut any dampness or mould.
  • Patch any voids or fissures in the mortar.
  • Wash areas before applying pigment.
  • Seal and weatherproof window and door frames
  • Suggest that your dogs find a temporary home while the staining is done.
  • Respond to any inquiries you may have about your painting session.

It is how the procedure operates.

Simple Initial Assessment: Contact us by phone or Internet to arrange your unrestricted, no-obligation session. We will inspect your house and provide a customized, comprehensive estimate with a cost and timeline.

Set the Duration: We’ll arrange an artist’s day if you like the suggestions you heard.

Our Distinctions: Our friendly artists will complete your high-quality painting on schedule and within your price range.

Outstanding Outcomes: To ensure you’re satisfied, we’ll examine while we depart and make a follow-up entry.

Deck painting and staining

Repairing a recent exterior deck stain service or restoring an existing one will increase its longevity and shield it from climate- and moisture-related harm. Although wood staining and paint for the outside can do the task, there are differences between the two standard treatments courtesy of look, programs, endurance, upkeep, and value. Continue reading to compare stains vs. creating and find out which provides the most protection for the surface of your porch.

Dye is also more expensive.

Staining costs $20 to $35 a tank, whereas the best deck staining services near me can cost anywhere from $30 to $60 per barrel. Additionally, you should budget more than $15 to $40 for each bottle of timber preservation and $15 to $30 for each starter bottle if you plan to wash. Most store-bought board tints have a chemical additive, so they don’t have to stick.

The resemblance to discolouration is organic.

If you prefer an authentic appearance, hardwood paint, which ranges in transparency from translucent to somewhat solid, covers the spaces in the woodwork and forms a thin layer over the surface, revealing the original grain structure and small cracks in the lumber. Paint’s rich pigmentation and glue content fill the timber’s openings and harden to an impermeable covering that conceals fissures and covers the unique wood grain, thus giving the object a more elegant but artificial appearance.

Pigment offers greater diversity.

The painting service comes in a wide range of colours, from eye-popping shades of royal blue or scarlet for a more modern look to neutrals like chocolate brown or forest emerald. Hardwood stain is usually only available in pure kinds or hues of brown, considering its purpose is to highlight the natural characteristics of lumber.

Door Painting Service

Browse no further than the exterior doors for a simple method to improve the appearance of your house! Repainting the external door painting service, whether outside or inside, may enhance the look of your home. It’s a straightforward and fast approach to updating your appearance while doing a primary construction job.

Painting Services for Internal Doors

Additionally, painting your interior doorways can have a significant impact! Please take note of cupboard and closet windows or any more inside entrances, particularly regarding internal painting changes. Offer your doors a makeover while painting a room to keep anything looking new. French doors, moving pocket opportunities, or solid wood doors—all of them.

Covers for Dining Cupboards

Reglazing or creating your current cabinets is a terrific way to change your cooking area’s appearance completely. It’s a wise move because you can conserve a ton of labour and cash by not being concerned with demolishing and taking out all your units. Using resources that already exist makes it a responsible decision as well.

Coating exterior doors

The appearance of your house can be changed by painting your driveway or front entrance. You can improve the exterior appearance of your home by choosing a bold hue or a traditional, moderate tone.

It is where the procedure operates.

Simple, no-cost counselling: Phone us or use our contact form on our website to arrange your free, no-obligation session. We will inspect your house and provide a customized, comprehensive estimate with a cost and timeline.

Reserve The Duration: We’ll arrange your painting day if you like whatever you hear.

The Disagreement: Our friendly workers will complete Your high-quality paint work on schedule and within your price range.

Outstanding Outcomes: To ensure you’re satisfied, we’ll examine while we leave and do a follow-up check-in.

Cabinet painting

Painting cupboards to give your restroom or kitchen a new, contemporary appearance is a little of the cost of replacements if you are trying to update the design of your area! We’ll collaborate with you to help design the ideal appearance for your fresh drawers with the high-quality polish you expect in an unforeseen amount of space!

What Advantages Do Painting Cabinets for Kitchens Offer?

Renovations involving the cooking area could become quite costly. Additionally, they take a little longer than anticipated, which may become very annoying. A more accessible and less time-consuming alternative to redesigning the dining area is to cover and varnish your cabinets.

  • It is far simpler than removing the old drawers and putting in fresh cabinets.
  • Less expensive than putting in new shelves.
  • Let’s maintain the identical closet arrangement as your current cabinetry.

Another friendly choice would be to avoid discarding excellent materials in favour of an original hue.

What is paintable?

Refinishing cabinets service near me is not limited to the cooking area. We may also wash cabinets to help you update the appearance of your lavatory. We can also paint or restore built-in shelving, wardrobe doors, and other cabinetry to completely change other areas in your house.

What Is the Price of Painted Cabinets?

The cupboard doors’ dimension, quantity, and repainting technique are a few variables that affect how much repainting or refurbishing will cost. Your choice of paint or stain and the estimated time needed to finish the project are more considerations. Scheduling live estimates with one of our advisers is the best approach to receiving a reliable pricing estimation.

It is where the procedure operates.

Simple Personal Assessment: Contact us by phone or online to arrange your free, no-obligation discussion. We will inspect your house and provide a customized, comprehensive solution with a cost and timeline.

Remember the time: We’ll arrange your painting day unless you like what you see.

The Variation: Your high-quality paintwork will be completed on schedule and within the constraints of your funds by our friendly specialists.Outstanding Outcomes: To ensure you’re satisfied, we’ll conduct an orientation before leaving and follow up on their arrival.

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