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Business Intro

Wholly owned and controlled, Brauner Construction LLC provides complete solution Construction Services for homes and businesses in Boca Raton and neighbouring Locations. Among the solutions we offer are complete makeovers, including kitchen and toilet reorganization, upgrades, and anything else your house or place of business may need. Our help is guaranteed to be timely, polite, and credible, and we take great delight in it. At Brauner Construction LLC, no work is too large or too little for us. Give us a call now to receive an obligation-free estimate.

The Best Construction Service

As an architecture outsourcing business, we use top architects and building workers together with managers and further investigation managers to ensure the job is completed on time and to the greatest possible standard. We are among the top builders of custom homes, offering savings in both the building and planning phases. We are confident that we offer the highest-calibre house-building services in Boca Raton, Florida. The organization provides a warranty on the reliability and skill of the components used and the inventiveness that was applied for decades from the completion of the performance.

Why choose us?

  • We additionally select the machinery and apparatus. They must be produced with contemporary machines and tools that allow us to do the job to the greatest of our abilities and make the most effective outcomes, which is how our business rose to the top in the house renovation industry.
  • They are additionally finishing work on new construction. You can hire a house upkeep and repair firm to create or complete specific projects and constructions. Considering we’ve got the expertise and calibre for all conducting operations, we will handle every building and finishing associated with such.
  • One further way that our factory construction company stands out is through the way we complete our duties as much as possible since we perform 12 hours a day, seven days a week. Nonetheless, because our organization employs many people and has many machinery and assets, we can fulfil all the requirements submitted on an identical day and as reasonably as possible. We don’t interfere with the client working on his project or with anyone in his family.

Benefits of Working with Experts

A complete source is an excellent option if you’re looking for a construction contractor to help you complete your job with fewer anxieties and more excellent economy and knowledge. Complete solution construction services assist you in reducing the expense and burden of a building through improved scheduling, budgeting, quality surveillance, and administration.


Bathroom Remodeling

Renovation entails upgrading and improving various areas to make your bathroom flooring more beautiful, cosy, and functional. Depending on a variety of factors, including your objectives and financial constraints, a Bathroom Countertop might involve anything from a minor cosmetic update to a total makeover of the area.

Alternatives for remodelling bathrooms: Find out how to design a bathroom that expresses your style and individuality while still fulfilling your functional demands. You may select from the following themes for your bathroom.

Modernizing appliances in your restroom

They are updating or swapping out fixtures in Bathroom Countertop, including bathrooms, showers, collapse, and knobs. Contemporary, fashionable lighting might have more benefits and use less water. Certain lamps have severity adjustments that allow you to change the amount of water stream.

Putting in new ceiling illumination

Modern illumination enhances both the practicality and atmosphere of the restroom. Conventional possibilities for description include ambience lighting in the form of the ceiling and task illumination next to the mirror. For the conservation of energy, fluorescent light is an option.

Swapping out the bathroom sink or showering

Choose a shower with a walkway instead of replacing your outdated, exhausted bathroom or showerhead with an updated one. Technological advances must be incorporated into bathroom remodels for cosy, practical, and soothing bathing.

Enough circulation in restrooms

Maintaining proper air circulation is critical to avoid problems like mildew or mould. Consider putting in or improving ventilation systems in your Shower Remodel. One option that promotes air quality circulation is a vented dome.

Gutter Services

To prevent rainwater from accessing your property, getting your gutter system service immediately is crucial, as it may sustain injury or leaks. Gutter Repair Services will fix the problem with the leak or broken part of your guttering. Dripping gutters could be the first sign of trouble. Following an earthquake or severe weather, gutter repair services could also be necessary. Typical fixes made during a gutter repair service consist of:

Changing a Gutter Segment

Gutter repair services are ideal if you notice harm done to some areas of your downspouts. To ensure that your gutter system operates as intended, segments with corrosion, gaps, cracks, or tearing can be changed. The Construction Services business will set up new, identical-material, identical-sized portions instead of the outdated, corroded ones.

Patching Gutters’ Breaks or Holes

Patches and sealants can be used to fix some gutter deterioration. Should a gutter leak or rip be small, the downspout repair firm may add a metallic bridging path or apply an adhesive. But remember that these solutions are only meant to be short-term, requiring frequent repetition or an immediate replacement of the gutter system.

Reinstalling a Gutter on a House

Our gutter pendants could get free or break after being exposed to the elements for an extended period. If the brackets are still in good shape, the gutter repair firm can reconnect them to your house; otherwise, they will switch out the broken hanging with a new set.

What to Search for in a Gutter Replacement Company

While choosing a gutter repair service provider, confirm that the organization demonstrates at least some of the following characteristics:

Dependable: The business must react to your questions and all communications. They are expected to assess the project at the appointed time of the initial examination.

Excellent operation: Examine previous customer reviews to be sure the provider provides exceptional artistry. Additionally, confirm if the business guarantees the repairs they make. It indicates that they have faith in the calibre of their output.

Set up: Working with well-established, experienced organizations for activities related to your property is preferable. A new business could still be getting up to speed on the ins and outs of the repair of gutters business, so they might need more time to finish the job.

Kitchen Remodeling

Extensive kitchen renovation is one of the most beneficial and headache-inducing home improvement jobs. Expenses will likely hit the six-figure range if you engage an architect or engineer to oversee a large project that increases the Kitchen Appliance Packages. Should you want to start on the task on your own, expect it to take a few months to finish, during which you may be forced to live without a cooking area.

A designed kitchen area will make your house easier to live in and improve the market value of your property like a few more home improvements can. A well-designed kitchen can become the focal point of social occasions and the centre of the home for the whole family. A transformed kitchen area is an investment worth the resources, finances, and dedication, and you can prevent becoming stressed if you are aware of the steps involved in the entire try before you start.

Design and Planning for the Cuisine

A building materials and working plan for your fresh kitchen can be developed once you have a clear notion of what is required in a new kitchen and adopt a flexible approach.

Simple Kitchen Layouts

Even though you have many options, choose one of the five traditional Small Kitchen Remodel Ideas. All designs incorporate the culinary triangle, a conventional operational concept, in one way or another for convenience of mobility.

  • One-Wall Layout
  • Interior Hallway
  • L-Shaped Architecture
  • U-like Shape
  • Double-L Layout

Selecting one of these traditional kitchen design designs for the constructed kitchen will make sense.

Room Additions

Added over the rear of a home, a space expansion or bumped over is a single-room construction. It serves an individual purpose, like the restroom or dormitory; it enlarges one room in the current home. A reduced extension is a room extension or building push-out.

Will you need a renovation or more?

It might be challenging to determine if you need an excellent room expansion or a redesign, particularly if you need to be more knowledgeable about building houses and architectural design. It’s a good idea to consider what you must and the existing arrangement fits your way of life. You can save money by remodelling the home’s layout instead of having to build a complete house, which is necessary to construct an outstanding room. You may only need to update or rearrange the floor plan if your living space seems cramped or there needs to be more flow connecting the areas.

Organizing to Add a Huge Area

Organizing a fantastic Master Bedroom Addition requires careful thought and investigation because you will modify and personalize the arrangement to realize your goal. Continue reading to learn about some essential factors to consider when preparing.

Is It Possible For Your House To Handle Adding A Huge Space?

The initial step in the planning process is to choose the location for your constructed great hall. A second-story addition or a change in the arrangement of rooms may only be possible in some properties, whether an extension of the cooking area or the rear of the house, without requiring extensive demolition and rebuilding.

Is construction carried out from the inside?

Consumers need help with developing their living room expansion: whether to build. You can construct to prevent going over the current surface area or expand outside to create more Sunroom Addition.

Since vertical conversions add a layer to the assumptions, they are usually more helpful and pragmatic. Exceeding the current floor area may lead to issues with the municipality’s regulatory leadership, homeowner’s connection, and community.

Is it worth putting in a living room?

Residences with large, open spaces are preferred by sophisticated purchasers over those with more conventional floor plans. Increasing the size of your family room will improve your enjoyment of the time you spend together and expand your home’s market value and appeal. A well-built dining area offers plenty of space, and if you build it with a clear concept in mind, you can handle various store and layout issues.

Something to think about

Designing an attractive extension requires careful consideration of several important factors, among them the most important of which are how to budget, operational benefits, supplies, and employment linked to construction service.

When starting your home improvement project, take into account the following:

  • Creating an extensive financial plan that includes spending money on labour, equipment, gadgets, updates in appearance, and other items.
  • Considering the room’s aesthetic and practical qualities, stimulate your creative imagination.
  • Collaborating with an engineer to develop a clear mechanical and aesthetic plan for the enormous room.
  • Searching for a seasoned architect who fits your financial capabilities and layout goals.

Home Remodeling

Although you adore your home, it may be beginning to show signs of ageing. You must further room for play because your children are getting bigger, or it’s finally time to build the bedroom suite of your dreams! Our skilled Home Exterior Remodeling can create anything you may imagine.

Establish a house office.

A personal workspace can be a terrific way to increase earnings, regardless of your decision to operate from a house, own an organization, or need a specific place for handling payments. With our renovation professionals’ help, you may use an underutilized space or even build a new room by demolishing or constructing walls.

Include a restroom or laundry room.

You can take away a general-purpose room from a part of the underground or workshop or build one independently. A stylish vestibule is perfect for storing items for your job or classroom, removing dirty footwear, or washing off an underwater animal. It can have a small washing machine so that soiled apparel for sports goes straight into the cleaning, places for hanging waterproof clothing and sporting goods, and a seat to sit on while taking off the sneakers.

Complete house renovations and extensions

Fixer Upper Renovation of your house from scratch is a significant step. If executed, it can result in much homeowner happiness and a substantial increase in the house’s worth. It entails creating many new rooms. The current area can be renovated as part of a total house makeover to reorganize space and enhance convenience and preservation. It can transform your ancient house into something that expresses your flair.


A house is made of Hardwood Floor Installation. Selecting flooring for a restoration or a new structure is as crucial as selecting ceiling paint. Moreover, surface paints are more altered. A new floor installation is a significant choice. The person you hired to set up the floors may be as important.

Choosing a professional flooring installation firm may seem simple, but many options are available, each with unique characteristics. The person you select must be knowledgeable, accommodating, skilled in installing flooring, and timely.

Laminate Floor Installation

Cost Laminate Floor Install could be an excellent option if you’re searching for a stylish yet helpful flooring solution. It’s understandable why flooring made from laminate has become so popular in the US after making such a dramatic transformation over the past few years!

Here are a few advantages to laminate flooring:

  • They are resilient to a lot of blows.
  • They endure for a long time and are strong.
  • They are more straightforward to put together and less expensive.
  • They are moisture- and stain-proof.
  • Since there are no flaws, there is very little waste.
  • There are plenty of options to choose from.

Expert flooring restoration

Give up thinking about your surfaces! Put maintenance on our wish list rather than adding it to yours. Give me an inquiry, and we’ll arrive at your house equipped with the necessary equipment and resolve any problems you may be experiencing. We promise the task will be executed the first time since we are reliable, skilled, and educated.

Q When do I need a Construction Contractor?

Professional contractors, who are development specialists, will supervise your home renovations to guarantee accurate and practical work.

Q What are Your Prices?

While outsourcing for building assignments usually operates differently, the median contractor hourly wage is between $25 and $85 an hour.

Q What types of services do a construction contractor offer?

Among the many services provided by construction contractors are the following:
• An agreement between an employer and client to finish an undertaking and provide it "prepared for usage."
• Site enhancements
• Solutions for remodeling and upgrading
• Fit-outs of the building's interior
• Project administration

Q What is the Cost of Construction Contractor?

The general contractor will cost you between 10% and 20% of the whole thing.

Q Is Brauner Construction LLC available 24/7?

Yes, Brauner Construction LLC is available 24/7

Q How can I contact Brauner Construction LLC?

Call us (561) 843-7844

Q What areas does Brauner Construction LLC serve?

Boca Raton, Florida.

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