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Welcome to Bills  

We warmly welcome you to the Bills Mobile Hitch Towbar and Installation. It is your final destination when you need to tow your faulty vehicle or vehicle in an accident. Bills Mobile Hitch and Towbar Installation provides towbar services with the help of an expert team, which always responds quickly and provides the best results according to your situation. We provide services even when you have an accident and want to bring your vehicle to the garage.

Business Intro  

Bills Mobile Hitch Towbar and Installation, your helping partner is available for your help, just a call away. We provide different types of services as per your vehicle needs. Our equipment, which we used in towing, was also on sale and rented hourly. We have survived in this market for several years and give our clients the best results, which are always remembered. Our mission is to provide the best work for you.

Our Top-Rated Services:

Bills Mobile Hitch and towbar Installation provide different type of services regarding to your vehicle weight and condition. Our top-rated services are described below with their characteristics and usage.


Towbars are the primary tool of towing, used to safely and securely tow the vehicle. It provides extra safety due to its high-strength roads. Towbar is installed by professionals to make a proper distance and balance for quickly pulling the car without disturbing others on the road. It also produces a high road grip and keeps the faulty vehicle in the lane. To analyse safety precautions, it provides maximum safety on the road. It is available in different weight capacities according to your car. If you have a small car, keeping it in your vehicle for an emergency is best.


It is the top secure tool used to tow your vehicle safely. Its knob on the front side takes safety to the next level. We provide this service with the help of our expert team. Our specialist team properly balances primary and out-of-order cars in the towing process. Hitch is used when you pull a heavy-duty vehicle or other moveable object. It is also used to transform the heavy generators. Its reliability and strength make it suitable for towing systems. It is available in different weight capacities. If you need to tow a heavy trailer and any other heavy engine object, a hitch is the best option to transport your thing easily, safely, and securely.

Flat tow Installation

Flat tow installation is the most common option for safely towing your vehicle. It has a triangle-shaped bar which fits properly behind the RV. Due to its triangular shape, it provides maximum protection during transportation. It must be installed professionally by keeping proper balancing to connect correctly with the primary vehicle and include road safety. I recommend taking it in a car and using it in an emergency. We sell these balanced tow setups, too. It acts as a problem solver when you need it in an emergency. Our expert professional will guide you properly when using these flat tow setups.

Brake System

As soon as time changes, new technology is introduced in the market, which is helpful for us to save time and money. Bills mobile provides brake system service, too. It is installed in a faulty vehicle and connected to the brake system of the primary vehicle. It offers the best safety through the travelling. When the primary vehicle applies the brake in some emergency, the result of the brake will apply to a faulty towing vehicle, too. It benefits you if you need to go long distances and want to take more safety. Our experts installed a professional brake system and adjusted it in the faulty car so that it cannot cause problems with sitting.

Flat Towing

It is a well-known method for towing the vehicle with extra safe points. A hitch is installed in the middle of the primary vehicle, and a faulty car is loaded and bound with this hitch in the middle of the trailer. For loading the vehicle, the primary vehicle should have high engine capacity, which can take it easily without disturbing the other cars on the road. Our professional will help provide this service at a low price. We ensure that your car is in safe hands when you trust us, and in response, we offer you the best service and take and make you comfortable.

Supplemental Braking System:

Bills Mobile Hitch towbar and Installation provide the best supplemental braking system, providing extra security in the towing procedure. Using our supplemental braking system, you are not just to pull the vehicle; you pull the confidence. We provide all our services on demand. If you need to purchase any of the towing systems, we are selling out at the lowest price, or if you need to rent, we have an option.

Usage: A supplemental braking system is one of the best safety methods that helps your luxury SUV vehicle tow safely and soundly. It is installed by a professional to make a proper distance and balance with the primary vehicle. Our expert team provides this service at a meagre cost and gives you the best work compared to anyone.

Gooseneck Hitch:

Gooseneck Hitch is the top secure level of the tow system. It is similar to a flat tow system, but it has the addition of the brake air valve system. Due to this system, it provides maximum safety and road grip. It prevents the faulty vehicle from unnecessarily jerking and keeps it moving safely and smoothly. Bills Mobile Hitch and Installation provides the option to purchase and rent. You can take it on rent or buy it on a friendly budget.

Usage: It is used to tow a small vehicle with a heavy trailer safe and secure. It is installed by professionals to maintain the proper distance to move safely. A primary vehicle’s brake air jack valve is connected with the faulty vehicle, which produces extra safety. When a primary vehicle applies a brake in an emergency, it provides the safety precautions to the defective vehicle, too, and the result is that the faulty vehicle response to this and stop at that time.

Flat Tow Setup:

A flat tow setup is the most common method to tow the vehicle properly with a high-end safety level. Bills Mobile Hitch and TowBar Installation is one of the best service providers in your town. We are not only providing services, but we also offer tow systems on rent and purchase at a minimum cost. Our professional team will guide you about each tow system and its working and help you select which is best for your vehicle.

Usage: A flat tow system is one of the basic tow systems with an extra safety level. It consists of the air jack vale, which increases its safety level and provides the best results. It is installed by professionals to maintain the proper distance and balance of the bars or rods, which help to pull the vehicle properly. The air jack valve, connected to the faulty vehicle, increases its safety level and maximizes road protection.

Benefits of Working with Experts

We have core experience in this field, and our vision is to give the best response to people who are stuck in the middle of their journey due to their car issues. We have an experienced team who provide you with the best work. So, you don’t need to go any other. An inexperienced person will use improper methods to tow your car, and the result will not be good. Therefore, we recommend you choose a professional.

Professional will take care of your vehicle, provide you with the best result in the form of safety, and tow your vehicle without any scratches. They will also guide you in deciding to choose the best tow service. It does not matter what your chosen service is; we provide our best work. We offer comparatively low cost and give excellent results.

Why should you choose us?

Bills Mobile Hitch and Towbar Installation is one of the leading companies in Glendale. Our precious asset is our customers. They make trust in us. In response, we give them the best services with extra care. Our expert team provides stability on the road, safety and weight balancing during travelling. It guides you about all of our services, which are suitable for the towing process, at an affordable price.  We offer various services depending on your vehicle’s condition and weight. Our professional team inspects your vehicle, guides you about our different services, and helps you choose the best one for your car, elevating the safety level throughout the journey. Professionals choose the best strategy in the towing process and provide fruitful impressions on others by choosing safety precautions and smooth driving.

Our priority is our customer’s satisfaction. Therefore, they call us an emergency hero due to our quick response and ability to provide the best results with minimum weight. We are not just providing services; we provide care and love to our customers. This feature makes us unique in this crowded market. If you want to purchase or rent the equipment of the towing system, we provide them at minimum cost. We also offer these rental services on an hourly basis.


Bills Mobile Hitch Towbar and Installation is your final destination for all tow services. We are just a call away whenever you are stuck in the middle of your adventure due to your mechanically damaged vehicle. Our expert team will entertain you and guide you about all types of our services, which will help you to choose the best one for your car. We not only provide services but also offer rental and buying options.

Q What types of Towing Equipment services are offered in Bills Mobile Hitch and Towbar Installation?

Bills Mobile Hitch and Towbar Installation offers towing equipment services, including hitch and towbar installation, repairs, and customization. Bills provide the service of Sale, Rent, and Installation.

Q How can I schedule an appointment for Tow bar and Hitch Service?

To schedule a Tow bar and Hitch Service appointment, please contact Bills Mobile Hitch and Tow bar Installation directly at [(623) 210-5427].

Q The estimated cost for common Flat Tow System in Glendale, AZ?

A flat tow package price can range anywhere between; depending on what is needed to make your vehicle towable.

Q How much does it cost to install a towbar in Glendale?

For the current cost of towbar installation in Glendale, please contact Bills Mobile Hitch and Towbar Installation directly for accurate pricing.

Q Do airbags need to be serviced every six months?

Airbags generally do not need to be serviced every six months. However, it is essential to follow the manufacturer's recommendations outlined in the vehicle's manual for specific maintenance intervals and inspections. Routine vehicle check-ups and adherence to safety guidelines are crucial for ensuring proper airbag function. If you have concerns or encounter issues, consult with a qualified automotive professional.

Q What are the best cars for flat towing behind an RV, and why?

Several cars are commonly considered suitable for flat towing behind an RV. Some popular choices include:
Jeep Wrangler: Jeep Wranglers are popular due to their lightweight, compact design, and robust four-wheel-drive systems, making them easy to tow.
Ford F-150: Many models of the Ford F-150 are flat-towable, providing a good balance of size, weight, and towing capability.
Chevrolet Equinox: This compact SUV is often chosen for its flat-tow compatibility and practical size.
Honda CR-V: Known for being lightweight and fuel-efficient, the Honda CR-V is a popular choice for flat towing.
Toyota Tacoma: With a reputation for durability and off-road capability, the Toyota Tacoma is a favourite among RV enthusiasts.

Q Do the Hitches and Towbar come with a warranty?

Yes, hitches and towbars typically come with a warranty. The warranty duration and coverage vary by manufacturer, ranging from one year to a lifetime.

Q Will a hitch affect parking sensors?

Yes, installing a hitch can potentially affect parking sensors. It's crucial to follow guidelines to minimize interference for optimal sensor performance.

Q What are the benefits for Hitches?

Hitches offer enhanced towing the capacity, versatility for accessories, easy installation, improved safety, increased resale value, and customization options for various towing needs.

Q In which city you provide your towbar services?

We provide our services in Glendale, a vibrant and diverse city in the Los Angeles County.

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Bills Mobile Hitch And Towbar Installation in Glendale provided exceptional service for my towbar installation needs. The team was professional, efficient, and punctual. They ensured the job was done right the first time and left my vehicle in pristine condition. I highly recommend them for anyone in need of towbar installation services.

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